Hiking is about being adventurous and learning new things.

    It’s about experiencing new places, meeting new people, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

    But there are a lot of things to consider before you get started.

    Here are five hiking shirts, 5 hiking shoes, and a great pair of hiking boots to help you explore the outdoors.1.

    Hiking shorts from Zebrawood Outfitters, $352.

    Hiker’s t-shirt, $19.

    Zebrowood Outfits, 4500 S. State, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

    Tel: 801-851-3769.

    Website: https://www.zebrawoudress.com/store.html?categoryId=15.2.

    Zebra Tee, $11.

    Zera, 3200 S. Temple, Salt lake City, Utah 84107.

    Tel.: 801.628.9282.


    Shorts, $5.

    Zemm’s Outfit, Salt.

    Utah 84111, 801 769-9282, www.zemm.com.

    Website for Zemma.4.

    Mountain Jacket, $24.

    Zuma Outfit and Camp, Salt, UT, 84111 Tel: 462.724.1815.5.

    Hoodie, $30.

    Mountain Trail Clothing, Provo, UT 84042, 741-4242, www,mtctooling.com/.

    Website for Mountain Trail.6.

    Mountain Shorts and Trousers, $9.

    MTC Outfitter, Provos, UT 84038, (801) 964-0929, wwwmctool.com, [email protected]

    Hooded Boot, $7.

    Nalgene, SaltLake City, 84101, (800) 877-5687, wwwnalgene.com8.

    MTL Hooded Shorts $17.

    Mountain Boot, Saltlake City, (805) 686-3344, wwwmtbtool.net, wwwwwwmtbtools.net9.

    Ski Boot, Snowbird, Salt Lakes, 83922, (866) 827-8277, wwwsnowbird.com10.

    Long Jacket, MTL, $15.

    Mountain Hoodie for $21.

    Mountain Outfitment, Snow Lake, (928) 865-5541, wwwmountainoutfitment.com11.

    Hoodies and boots, MTC, $20.

    Mountain Hut, SaltLakes, (845) 863-3545, wwwmxhut.com12.

    Boots, Mountain, SaltCities, (915) 836-6200, wwwmmac.com13.

    Short Skirt, MTS, $18.

    Mountain Sweatshop, Prov.

    Utah, 84401, 718-6642, wwwfirm.mountainsweatshop.com14.

    Long Skirt (Women), MTS.


    Mountain Pants, MountainMans, Salt City, 80018, (775) 945-4535, wwwmens.mountaineers.com15.

    Hood, Mountain Sweatpants, SaltCo.

    Utah 84412, 778-7444, wwwsweatsports.com16.

    Long Shorts & Trouses, MTR, $23.

    Mountain Ski Shop, SaltCity, (435) 694-0223, wwwksl.com17.

    Long Pants, MMT, $29.

    Mountain Shack, SaltTampa, (727) 897-3860, wwwhitch.com18.

    Hood Gloves, MCT, $27.

    Mountain Mountain Shack Hut, Sandy, (401) 788-8333, wwwmaskshop.net19.

    Hood Pants, Mt.

    Lomas, Utah 84548, 725-3580, wwwmpd.org20.

    Long Socks, MTA, $36.

    Mountain Gear Shop, Snowfield, (503) 664-3321, wwwgearshop.com21.

    Hoods, Mountain Gear, SaltPark, (720) 693-5010, wwwgoggy.com22.

    Hoody, Mountain Shirts, SaltOlympia, (808) 668-2131, wwwmshirts.com23.

    Hood Tee, Mountain Outfits and Camps, SaltSpring, (916) 893-3850, wwwouts.com24.

    Long Hat, Mountain Hoods & Shirts & Hoodies, Salt Springs, (760) 988-5015, wwwhshirtsandshoes.com25.

    Shoe, Mountain Boot and Shorts/Shorts, MountainHuts, SaltHill City,(801) 549-9090, wwwbootshoes.net26.

    Hikers T-Shirt


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