On the outskirts of Hobart, a rugged landscape that was once the backdrop for the Australian outback, red rocks abound.

    It’s a rugged area that’s a world away from the tourist-friendly towns of Hobson Bay and Lake Macquarie.

    There are several rock formations scattered throughout the Red Rocks, including some that have never been photographed or documented before.

    Red Rocks is a popular hiking destination in Tasmania.

    The most popular hikes in Red Rocks are Mount Rainier, the highest peak in Tasmania, and the Rock of the Giant Horn, which is the largest mountain in the state.

    Hobson Bay is home to the Hobson Rocks National Park.

    It is also a popular location for recreational water sports such as surfing, kayaking and boating.

    As the world’s tallest peak, Mount Rainiers peak is well-known for its massive black granite cliffs.

    Aerial view of Red Rocks peak, Hobson, Tasmania.

    Red Rocks has many popular hiking and camping spots.

    One of the popular spots for red rock hiking in Red Rock is Mount Rainbows, an 11,000-foot granite peak in the Red Rock Canyon.

    For those seeking a more relaxing escape, there are several other popular places to camp, including Red Rocks Campground, and Rockland Village.

    Red Rock has a small community of about 25 people.

    Most of the locals come from Hobson.

    You can get more information about Red Rocks on the Tasmanian Tourism website, which can be found here.


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