In this article we’ve ranked the top 10 places in the US to hike in summer, and it might surprise you how popular each is. 

    The most popular hikes are the ones that have the most places to go on your bucket list.

    You’ll find hiking in Sacramento, San Fran, Boston, and the mountains of California are just some of the top hikes that will keep you busy.

    If you want to go hiking in winter, there are several other places to explore, and some of them will get you off your couch. 

    Hiking in the mountains isn’t always a breeze.

    But when it is, it’s worth it.

    Here are the top ten hikes in the country to get you going in winter: 1.

    New Hampshire (Cascades National Park) Cascadia National Park has more than 5,000 hiking trails, but the one you really need to get started is the famous Mount Horeb, which climbs a 1,000-foot elevation in less than 30 minutes. 

    There are two ways to hike Mount Hoveb.

    The first is to hike the 1,800-foot-long Appalachian Trail, which goes from North Carolina to Maine, and then back down to the Appalachian Trail. 

    Mount Horebr is a popular hike because of its steepness, which makes it a popular spot for people to chill out and enjoy the view. 

    If you want a better view of the mountains, take the Appalachian trail to the summit. 

    Also, the Appalachian Path Trail can be used to get to the top of Mount Hokeb. 


    The Black Rock Canyon Wilderness (Mount Baldy Wilderness) Black Rock Canyon is one of the most popular and scenic hikes in North America.

    The trail follows a series of high ridges in the middle of the Black Rock Mountains, and is also very accessible by car. 

    Black Rocks is one the best hikes in South Dakota, and has been the place to hike since it was established in the mid-1990s. 

    One of the reasons for this popularity is that it is a very well-marked, well-maintained trail, and there are many opportunities to hike along it. 3.

    Mount Wilson in Washington State (Mount Wilson Wilderness) Mount Wilson is one in the most beautiful places in North West Washington State, and this hike is a favorite among hikers because of the views and great variety of hiking options.

    The hiking trail starts at the base of Mount Wilson, and after you reach the top, you can walk along the Black Hills Trail or hike the ridge that overlooks Mount Wilson. 

    Some hikers even go all the way down to Mount Wilson’s summit, where you can explore the Black Forest, which is a wilderness that can be dangerous. 



    Hood in Oregon (Mount Hood Wilderness) Mount Hood Wilderness in Oregon has more hikes than any other area of the US, and these are the most memorable hikes.

    This hike takes you to the western part of the state, and once you reach it, you’ll want to get off the beaten path and hike up to the highest point in the state. 


    Blue Ridge National Park in North Carolina (Blue Ridge National Forest) Blue Ridge Wilderness in North, West, and South Carolina has a number of great hikes, which include the 3,000 foot Appalachian Trail and the Appalachian Mountain Trail, and more.

    The Blue Ridge Trail is a beautiful and challenging trail, with many rocky sections and challenging climbs, but there are also many options to hike. 


    Red Rock Canyon in Arizona (Ruggeras Rim) Ruggers Rim in Arizona is one one of our favorite hiking spots in Arizona, and its the perfect place to stop and enjoy some views of the Red Rock Mountains.

    The route goes up a rocky bluff that overlook the canyon, and hikers can also hike to the base. 


    Mt Washington in Washington (Mount Washington National Park and Preserve) The Mount Washington National Monument is the second largest in the world, and one of Washington State’s largest national parks. 

    You can hike here from the parking lot to the uppermost part of Mount Washington, and you can enjoy the views on many of the hikes. 


    Bismarck National Forest in North Dakota (North Dakota State Park) Bismark National Forest has been a popular place to take a hike in North and South Dakota for more than a century.

    The trails are easy to follow, and they include several loops around the area. 


    Bluegrass National Park Bluegrass National Forest is a huge national park, which includes the Grand Tetons National Seashore, which extends up to a thousand feet above sea level.

    It is one mile north of the town of Blue Grass, and contains trails to many different locations in the Blue Grass Mountains. 


    Great Divide State Park in Utah (Great Divide Wilderness) Great Divide Wilderness is an incredible hike


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