Hikes in Catskill Mountains National Park and the Catskill Trail will soon be easier thanks to a new hiking definition, according to a National Park Service announcement today. 

    In addition to the hike definition being available online, hiking poles are being made available for purchase, and a new Cat’skills-themed hiking map will be available to park visitors. 

    “As the National Park System continues to evolve, we are pleased to be adding a new definition to the Cat’skill Trail to help people find the hiking trail they need,” said Mike Zolotowsky, superintendent of the National Parks Service. 

    For more information about hiking, see the Cat’skill Trail’s Guidebook. 

    Cat-shelter-style shelters are now permitted on the Catskills National Forest and a Cat’sskills-style trail map is available at park headquarters. 

    Hiking poles and hiking maps can be purchased at the Cat-skeets visitor center or on-site. 

    The Cat’sKills-Hiking-Map map, which includes hiking and trail details, is available online at park.gov. 

    According to the National Park Service, the Cat is a state park with a total area of 8.8 million acres, with approximately 4.3 million acres of land open to hikers. 

     Cat Falls is the first hike in the Cat Falls Trail in the Catskill Mountains National Forest. 

    A hike in Cat Falls is permitted at any time, but there is no trailhead. 

    All hikers must pack enough food, water, sunscreen, and extra clothes for the entire hike. 

    As the CatsKills National Park is a wildlife preserve, there is a mandatory exclusion zone around the Cat Fall Trailhead.

    Hikes in Cat Springs are permitted at all times. 

    Access to Cat Falls and Cat Springs from the trailhead is closed on Saturdays, and it is prohibited from July 1 through October 31. 

    There are no trailheads at Cat Falls or Cat Springs. 

    TRAILS ON THE MAP The Cat’sknights-Hike-Map Map will be made available online on National Parks.gov at no cost to park visitor. 

    It includes trail information and descriptions for each hike in Catskicks National Forest, as well as map and GPS locations of trails in the National Forest for the CatsKill Trail and Cat’sSkills-Trip. 

    Please check back with park.com for trail information for each hiking area. 

    Read more about Cat’skiest hiking maps at National Parks Hike Guide. 

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