FourFour Two years ago, we ran an article about a pair of boots called the B.S.G.E.

    S trail hiking boots.

    The pair were originally intended for a very narrow range of trail hiking, with the sole of the shoe specifically designed to be worn on the trails of the San Francisco Peaks.

    The company was planning on releasing a second model, dubbed the BTS, which would have a wider range of options.

    It was a bit of a gamble at the time, but the company did make the right move.

    Today, we’re here to tell you about the Bts, which have seen a few years of use as the company’s latest hiking shoe.

    The BTS are the latest addition to the company line, and we’re excited to have them on the site.

    As a trail runner, they’ve been a major influence on my running and running culture for a long time.

    They are a true shoe that will provide comfort for all types of runners and are also great for people on a budget.

    I’ve used them for more than five years now, and I’m still a fan of them.

    The BTS have always been my favorite hiking shoes, and they’re not just a one-size-fits-all shoe.

    They are also a great fit for people who want to add a little more cushion to their feet, and are a great option for runners who have trouble pronouncing their steps.

    The shoe is very comfortable, too.

    The sole of these BTS shoes is a very comfortable sole.

    They have a solid rubber outsole that is soft and comfortable to the touch, while the sole itself has a bit more of a texture than the original B.U.

    S design.

    There are no holes or bumps to be found, and there are no seams or microfibers.

    The sole is very lightweight, too, with only a small amount of cushioning.

    The main downside to these shoes is the weight, though.

    You have to have a fairly wide range of feet to fit them comfortably, which is not ideal for most runners.

    These are the new BTS for the BMT.

    The original BTS shoe (left) has a more comfortable sole, but they are also lighter.

    The main drawback to the Bs is the shoe is quite heavy.

    I could run a half mile on them in a normal day, and the B’s are about 10 pounds lighter than a regular pair of B.F.S.-type shoes.

    The new Bs have a very light sole, which works out in my favor.

    I’m not an expert on how long they last, but I have no doubt they’re great shoes for long distances.

    These are going to be on my shoe list for a while, and when I do, I’ll probably buy more of them to keep the weight down.

    The new B.T. is more durable than the B-series.

    These BTS boots are made with a tough leather outsole, and these B.

    Ts have a durable, solid rubber sole.

    I found the boots to be comfortable on my feet for long periods of time, and this is definitely a shoe for people looking to wear on longer trips.

    There are some differences between the Bt and B.A. series shoes.


    S has a larger sole, a larger heel area, and a wider toe box.

    They’re also thicker, and have a higher heel height.

    These have all been made in China, but you can get them from the company here:The B.B. series shoe has a slightly narrower sole, more padding, and smaller toes.

    The top of the toe box is thinner and less pronounced, which makes it more comfortable on the feet.

    It’s a bit heavier than the other B.D. series, but it’s still not as heavy as the B1.

    B1 has a narrower sole.

    The front portion of the sole is narrower than the back, and that is why I find them a bit lighter than the others.

    The rubber outtoe is thinner than the originals, and those that like a bit softer toe feel a bit better with these.

    These also have a larger toe box, so you won’t have to worry about wearing the toe out too much on long hikes.

    The original B2.

    B series shoes were made with the new design, and while the shoe itself has been very comfortable on a few hikes, it’s not something I would recommend for most people.

    They feel a little heavier than other B2s, but again, this is not something that will be an issue for most of us.

    The shoes do have a more pronounced toe box and a bit thicker outsole.

    The heel is a little taller, too:They are made in Europe, but this is still not a good fit for most Europeans.

    These were designed for people with long feet, but also fit pretty well for runners with wider feet.

    These BTS were also designed to work well on


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