It’s easy to spend hours on the trail, only to be faced with the daunting task of putting the backpack away and having them do the hiking for you.

    We’ve all seen our favorite hiking buddies struggle to get the backpack into their packs, but here are some tips to help make this happen.

    First, set up your trail ahead of time.

    A few simple things can make all the difference: You can either hike ahead of your children, or pack them in a pack.

    If you’re going to hike ahead, bring them along with you, because they will need to carry all their gear.

    Also, make sure you have plenty of water.

    As the weather gets cooler, you may want to try a water bottle and a water jug.

    You don’t want to be the first one to get a water bucket.

    Lastly, if you’re hiking, it’s a good idea to have some gear ready, and if possible, to take them along.

    If you can, take your children along too.

    You’ll be amazed how much your kids can do without you.

    The best part about this pack is that you don’t have to leave the house for a long time.

    As long as they’re around, it’ll be a great time to have fun!


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