An Indian woman’s search for a hiking boot for her husband led to her finding a pair of hiking boots that fit him well.

    Ritu Sharma, an IT engineer in the state of Haryana, visited a store in the city of Gurgaon, where she purchased the hiking boots for her son.

    She had recently decided to quit her job in IT after she got a divorce and her husband got a new job in a different city.

    Ritu Sharma bought her son a pair.

    When she returned to the store in Gurgaons main market on Tuesday, she spotted an advertisement for hiking boots.

    She bought her daughter-in-law’s pair and went to the checkout line to make a purchase.

    But she found out that there was no option to buy them.

    The boots were available at the store.

    She then went to a nearby shop to make an appointment.

    When she got there, the clerk asked her if she would like to buy the hiking boot.

    Riting the terms and conditions, she agreed.

    The two started talking about buying the hiking shoe.

    “I had bought my son’s shoes when I had a baby and it was an essential part of our lifestyle,” Ritu said.

    The couple decided to spend Rs 1,200 for the pair.

    She paid the clerk Rs 150 to pay for the boots.

    Ritesh Sharma, who was wearing his son’s hiking boots, said, “I don’t think he could have made a better decision.

    It made me feel comfortable in my life.

    I am thankful to the lady.”