It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything about the newest movie on the list, but that hasn’t stopped us from checking in with the folks at New York City-based New York-based Outdoor Recreation Alliance. 

    And in their recent annual list of top 10 best hiking experiences, they were looking for a few things: A good, safe hike, a good experience, and a good time.

    They chose a lot of these criteria in the end, but the top five were also chosen by the group for being the most unique. 

    “The Best Hiking Experience” in 2017 The list is made up of over 40 activities that are either at least three hours in length or include three or more activities. 

    Some of these are just fun, but others are more about getting out and exploring.

    We chose some of these to showcase in this list: Hiking at the North Star The North Star is a hike in the woods at the bottom of Mount McKinley in California, which you can find in a small park called The North Star Trailhead. 

    The hike begins in a scenic location, but it’s also a challenging one.

    There’s a steep, rocky climb to the top, as well as a long, winding descent down to the river below. 

    A variety of routes are offered on this hike, and you’ll get to see many of the area’s wildlife, including coyotes, skunks, and more. 

    It’s an easy hike to enjoy, especially for people with young children, but if you’re looking for something more challenging, this is definitely one of the better options. 

    Birds The Biggest Birds in the World is a two-day trek through the heart of the Amazon jungle, where you’ll see birds such as the Black-necked Grosbeak and the Black Bear. 

    Each day, you’ll be able to take in some of the world’s largest animals, including the Great Blue Heron, Blue Grosbee, Black-tailed Grosbane, and even the Greater Antelope. 

    But what makes it so special is the fact that you can get out of the jungle and see all of the other animals you’re only going to see once a day. 

    Beach  This three-day hike in Jamaica Bay is a little different.

    It starts with a guided kayak tour that you’ll learn to navigate and follow, followed by a swim-in beach where you can check out the beaches of Jamaica Bay. 

    There’s a nice mix of nature, water, and adventure here, and it’s one of our favorite hikes in the area. 

    Dancing in the Water If you’re not a big fan of swimming in the water, but are willing to try it for the novelty, this one is a good option.

    You’ll get a little thrill from the water’s presence, and this will be a great way to spend the day, especially if you have kids. 

    Hike on the Ice This one is great if you love ice skating.

    You’re invited to participate in a series of four or five laps around a frozen lake, and then you’ll skate across a glacier and then onto the ice.

    The process is slow, but once you get used to the water and the snow, it’s a great experience. 

    Parks and Recreation PARKS is a great spot for an adventure if you want to spend a few days out in nature.

    It’s not a hike per se, but you can also hike and swim, or enjoy a short drive along the lake. 

    Racing If racing is something you enjoy, this three-hour ride is definitely a fun way to kick back and relax.

    You can race in your car, but be careful not to let the other cars get too close to you, as you’ll need to keep your speed under 100 miles per hour to be safe. 

    Mountain biking If your love of biking is just too much to handle, you can even do it on foot.

    This three-mile, 15-minute ride from your home to a bike shop is an exciting way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 

     Horseback riding While horseback riding is a more traditional form of outdoor recreation, there are many ways to experience it, including riding in the backcountry, riding in a vehicle, and riding on foot on dirt trails. 

    Trip on the Wildfire Trail This trail is only open during the winter months, but there are still plenty of fun ways to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. 

    Here are a few options to explore while on the trail: The Golden State Trail  This is a short, paved, dirt trail that you may need a little help with if you don’t have a car or want


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