The Bihar Youth of the Future (YTV) is a body which was set up to look after the needs of the youth of Bihar.

    It is not just a youth organisation, but also an umbrella organisation which provides the youth with a variety of services to help them make a positive difference in their lives.

    The group, which was started in 2015 by a student from Gwalior, has a total of 647 members, of which 463 are students.

    The members of YTV are also students, and many of them come from lower caste backgrounds.

    “The YTV is a youth-led body, and we have always been trying to help the youth through various programmes,” said the group’s president, Pramod Mahapatra.

    The YTV has already served some 1,000 youth, but is set to increase its membership to at least 1,500.

    “We have decided to increase our membership from 1,200 to 2,000, in order to bring the number of youth in the YTV to at most 2,500,” Mahapra said.

    The youth organisation has also set up a youth development centre in the town of Bhuj, and plans to host an event in the state capital to mark the 70th anniversary of the formation of Yajura Vidyarayana Samiti.

    A meeting will be held in the city on January 15 to discuss the Yajurtis goals, and what to do to address their needs.

    “A lot of young people, especially those from lower castes, do not have access to education.

    Therefore, the Yojurtis are looking to set up an academy and an academic centre.

    We are planning to provide a school for the students of the YJSS to attend,” Mahavendra Mahapras, the founder of the group, said.

    “I feel proud to be part of a youth movement that is dedicated to the uplift of the people,” he added.

    The organization was founded by Pramom Singh and Praveen Jain, who are from the Bhujerpur village.

    “Yajurva Samiti was born from our passion for the cause of youth.

    We wanted to take it to the next level.

    Our vision was to establish a community of youth, a community that was a nexus for social interaction, for dialogue and for development.

    We decided to set a model for other youth associations and to organise youth camps in our village to develop the youth,” Pramoth Singh said.


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