by Mashable contributor David T. LewisThe Chicago suburb of Oak Park has always been known as a city where many people can walk around in comfort, but it has recently begun to make strides toward being one of the quieter cities in America.

    In 2015, it became the first major American city to ban the use of earbuds.

    Now, the Chicago Public Library has added a new app to the iPhone that lets people stay in their favorite spot while listening to music or using a phone.

    The app, called WifiSafe, is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

    It’s available to download for free, but a subscription is required.

    In addition to being able to keep listening to your favorite music while you are walking, WifiSafety also includes a built-in GPS and Bluetooth, making it one of only a handful of apps available to those who want to listen to music without relying on their smartphones.

    “If you’re not listening to the radio, you’re probably not getting the music you want,” Wifisafe’s developer, Daniel D. Jones, told Mashable.

    “That’s where we came in.

    We were listening to everything and the one thing we heard more than anything was music.”

    Jones said the app has been a hit with the library’s patrons.

    “The app is very popular,” he said.

    “We’ve been seeing it on our iOS app, our Android app, and our website.

    The response has been amazing.

    It seems like people really want to keep the music going.”

    When I spoke with Jones, he had a couple things to share with me.

    First, while the app is free, the app can be purchased with your credit card.

    Second, there’s a “tweak” feature in the app that lets you turn off certain settings and audio options to allow for listening without a phone or headphones.

    “It’s like you’re really putting your ear to the music, listening to it and enjoying it without headphones,” he told me.

    “But you don’t have to go through all the hassle of switching between Bluetooth and your phone.

    You can just turn the tweak off.”

    WifiSafe works on all devices running iOS 7 and above.

    It supports up to four users and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

    To download it, you must first register for a free account on the app, which will be automatically set up once you sign in.

    You’ll need to then set up an account for WifiSecurity on your phone, which should be easy to do as the app will not let you set it up on the lock screen.

    When it comes to using the app on your iPhone, you’ll want to make sure it’s not turned on while you’re in a public area or near an active police officer.

    In most cases, WIFis safe to turn it off during these situations.

    Jones also said that when the app does get turned on, it’s usually a safe time to turn off the app as it is able to detect nearby activity.

    “You’ll definitely want to turn the app off when it’s in the background,” he explained.

    “You can turn the sound off, but if you’re near a police officer, or you’re nearby the building, you should turn the volume up.”WIFis also available to rent.

    “If you want to use WIFiSafety with your existing library card, you can rent it for free,” Jones said.

    Once you have a library card or a subscription, you will need to sign in with that account to use the app.

    You will then be able to use it from your library card to check your email and other services.

    WifiSafety has also been updated with new features like a “favorites” feature where you can swipe left to highlight specific tracks and a “search” feature to find music and songs that you would like to listen and then select them.

    There is also a “sound library” feature that allows you to select music that you might like to use while walking or using the phone to listen.

    “There’s a lot of different options available for the library card,” Jones told me, adding that there are also other apps for people to listen while doing their shopping, watching a movie or reading a book.WIFispay has a very simple to use interface.

    Just select a track or song, tap the “Play” button, and then you’ll be taken to a “listen” screen where you’ll have to swipe right or left to select which song to listen with.

    WIFispary also includes the ability to mute tracks while you listen.

    You can also change the volume of the app while you’ve been listening.

    “When you’re walking, you might not be in a hurry to go listen to something,” Jones explained.

    You might want to mute your iPod, for example, while you go to a restaurant or coffee shop.

    “And if you want a little bit of relaxation