— Auburn University students, who are planning to hike through the mountains to visit the Appalachian Trail’s “Great Staircase” hiking trails, will have a lot of hiking to do.

    The trails are being used by about 100 people each year, mostly young couples who are going on summer vacation.

    They are part of the Appalachian Regional Trail System, a federally funded network of hiking and biking trails in the U.S. and parts of Canada.

    They have been the focus of a national campaign, “Save the Trails.”

    “We wanted to make sure that our students had access to the trails so they can take advantage of them,” said Chris Stott, Auburn’s associate director of communications.

    He said about 100 students from the university are currently using the trails and that they are the top students using them.

    Stott said they are also looking for more volunteers to hike with them.

    He says about 50 students from Auburn’s College of Business have volunteered to help out.