TODAY, MARCH 21ST, 2018, 7:20 AM: If you want to be prepared to go hiking with a toddler, or you want a low-maintenance alternative to your stroller, these hiking boots are the way to go.

    The High Heel Shoes are made by the high heels company Toddler, a line of sneakers and hiking shoes that features the word “heels” in bold print on the heel.

    The sneakers feature a rubber outsole, a cushioning pad, and a foam liner that is a bit soft.

    They’re not meant to be a high-tech footwear, but they’re comfortable enough for toddlers to wear and for anyone who needs to get out of their house.

    They cost $70 and can be purchased online from, at the Lowe’s store, or at the Target store.

    I’ve worn these hiking shoes to hiking trails, as well as at a party and even in the car.

    I like to think they’re just as good in the rain as in the summer.

    I’ve had to go out with them at one point, but the boots are great for a casual hike and the rain really doesn’t bother them.

    The Low Heel Boots are made from a polyurethane that is water-resistant and can withstand rain, snow, and sleet.

    They come in black, brown, and red.

    These are just the basic boots that you can buy for your toddler.

    There are other options, like the High Heeled Rain Jacket that will fit a little better for you, and the High HEEL Snow Boots that are even more waterproof and wind resistant.

    If you have a toddler who needs a more high-mainstream option, you can also purchase these hiking boot for yourself.

    Toddler is offering them for $45, which includes shipping and handling.

    Toddler has two other hiking boots that are great options for toddlers.

    One is the High End Hiking Boots that can be used for hiking and biking.

    And one is the Low End Hitching Boots that have a cushioned outsole and an inner liner that are waterproof and water-resistance.

    For more hiking boots for toddlers, check out our guide to hiking with kids.

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