By Lisa D’AmoreLisa D’Amico is the founder and chief marketing officer at the feminist blog The Frisky.

    She also runs a podcast, The Frisk, on which she talks about life and women in the digital age.

    D’Amicos first discovered the idea of hiking outfits as a way to help women feel comfortable in their own skin.

    “I think a lot of women don’t understand how much fashion has changed over the past 50 years.

    They think the same thing, ‘I wear the same pair of pants every day,’ and ‘I don’t know any good jeans.'”

    It’s not true that it’s impossible to find good hiking shorts.

    “Hiking boots are getting better, and the ones with the leather soles are much more comfortable,” she said.

    “The problem is that the jeans you’re wearing are still too tight.

    It’s kind of like a fashion statement, but it doesn’t really feel like a statement at all.”

    In this episode, we discuss the latest fashion trends and trends in the outdoors, the importance of wearing your hiking clothes properly, and what women should know about dressing for a hike.

    D’Anoico and I discuss why hiking clothes have become so important for women to feel comfortable.

    Follow Lisa on Twitter @lisadamico and the Frisk podcast @thefrizz.


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