Here’s a rundown of the 20 most popular states for hikers in America.

    Texas – This state has a great number of hiking trails, and is known for its wild country.

    It’s also known for the state’s long winters.

    You can hike in Austin and the Lone Star State, as well as its other cities.

    There are also a number of trails in and around Dallas and San Antonio.

    The Lone Star Trail is the longest in the state.

    The State Forest is located just outside of Dallas.

    If you’re interested in hiking in and about Texas, you’ll need to plan your trips ahead of time.

    The Great Bend Trail runs through the state and is worth checking out if you’re not too keen on the backpacking experience.

    This trail is well worth the hike if you like the solitude of the area.

    Colorado – Colorado has many great hikes, and this state has plenty of them.

    This is where most of the best hiking trails are located, and they’re often free.

    Colorado also has a number that are popular among families.

    The Canyons are the most popular trail in the Lone Stars, and there are also some nice trails in the Rocky Mountains.

    There is also a trail along the Colorado River that runs through Boulder, the city of Boulder, and a number more.

    If that’s not enough to make you want to hike, you can also hike through the Colorado Plateau and the Canyon Belt, which is the eastern border of the state, with some nice hikes along the way.

    Idaho – The Idaho Trail is one of the most famous hikes in the world.

    It can be easily reached by foot or bike, but it’s also a great place to see wildlife and camp.

    If this trail is too far away, you could take the Colorado Trail to reach the Idaho Falls Trail.

    Colorado has some great hikes and trails, including the Grand Canyon Trail, which has some spectacular views.

    If it’s more of a challenge to get to the trail, you might want to consider the Appalachian Trail.

    New Mexico – The Big Cypress Trail is a popular hiking trail that runs from Albuquerque to Albuquerque, but some people choose to hike the Big Cypess Trail instead.

    If the Big Cactus Trail is too much of a trek for you, you have plenty of options if you want more of an outdoor experience.

    You could take a hike along the Gulf Coast Trail or the Big Trail, both of which are great for those who want to explore the area while camping.

    New York – New York is a great state to go hiking if you just want to get away from it all.

    The Big Apple Trail runs along the eastern edge of New York City, and you can reach it by hiking along the shoreline of the Hudson River.

    The New York State Park is a beautiful place to spend a day hiking, and it’s easy to get there by foot.

    If New York’s hike to the city is too long, there are plenty of trails to choose from.

    If your goal is just to have a day in the woods, the Poconos Trail is great.

    There’s also some great hiking along Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada, and the Great Falls Trail is near Niagara Falls.

    If these trails are too far from the city, there is a trail that winds its way around the Hudson Valley and up through the woods.

    You might want a day hike to explore these scenic places, and if you decide to do that, it’s worth getting to know some of the other trails in New York.

    North Carolina – The North Carolina Trail is another popular hike.

    This popular trail runs through Charlotte, which means you’ll have plenty to see.

    The trail starts in the Charlotte Mountains, and then follows the river along the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    The trails are mostly in the Catskills, but the trail near Raleigh is a favorite for those looking for a more traditional trail experience.

    There have also been some hikes along I-85 in the area, and some of them are a bit challenging.

    If North Carolina is too hard for you to take on a hike, there’s a great chance you’ll enjoy hiking the Cumberland Trail, an Appalachian Trail Trail, and many other trails along the Cumberlands River in Virginia.

    Vermont – The Vermont Trail is popular for both its length and its variety of trails.

    This path is popular due to its short distance between cities, and because it’s often called the “Great Smoky Trail.”

    The Great Smokies are some of North America’s best-known mountain forests, and their beauty is worth a day trip if you can manage to get in.

    You’ll have to pack for a day, so if you need to make an early start, you may want to look for a hike that’s a bit farther away.

    If Vermont is too remote for you for your comfort, you should still consider other trails that are easier to find.

    Wyoming – The Grand Teton Trail is located in the Wyoming Panhandle,