By KEVIN SIDLEY The top 10 hiking projects in Michigan were selected from a list of projects by The Walking Lab to be featured in their next edition of The Walking Project.

    The Walking Lab has been providing a top 10 list of the best hikes in Michigan since 2002, but in 2017, the team felt it was time to change things up a bit.

    In honor of the National Trails Day, the walking project team has compiled a list that includes more than 500 hikes that will make you wonder if you need to hike at least once.

    The Walking Program was created in the name of the people of Michigan.

    The project was designed to help walkers improve their walk, and they’ve done a great job at it.

    While hiking is an important part of every Michigan resident’s day, it’s hard to beat the opportunity to enjoy some nature, the Walking Lab said.

    Hiking in Michigan is also one of the top hiking destinations in the United States.

    Michigan ranks fourth in the nation for average elevation (the height of a mountain), and it is the second highest state for the number of miles per day.

    The state also has the third highest average temperature in the country at 86 degrees.

    The top 10 projects are:1.

    The Redwood Valley Trail in Redwood Township, MI, is located on the north side of Redwood Lake in Michigan.

    This is a 5.4-mile hike in Redwoods Township that begins at the Redwood Lakes State Park, crosses through the Great Lakes to Redwood City and ends at Redwood Mountain State Park.

    It is a 3.8-mile trail that traverses Redwood’s highest elevation, 7,078 feet (3,547 meters).

    This trail is a 2.4 mile loop.

    This hike is a great opportunity to hike in beautiful Redwood and take in the surrounding landscape.

    The hike is part of the Redwoods National Preserve.


    The Saginaw River Trail in Saginawa, MI is a 10-mile loop trail that begins in Sanger Township, traverses through Saginawan and ends in the city of Saginaville.

    It’s a 3-mile walk.


    The Grand Trunk Trail in Lansing, MI begins at Saginapoint State Park and ends on the Grand Truss Trail in the Saginave Valley.

    It has a total of 9.1 miles (16.6 kilometers) of hiking.

    It includes a 4.3-mile (6.1 kilometers) loop.


    The Hike to the Golden Gate Bridge in Oakland, MI.

    This hike is 1.6 miles (2.4 kilometers) long.


    The Big Pine Trail in Pascagoula, MS, is a 1.9-mile long loop trail.


    The Teton Creek Trail in Jackson, MS is a trail that takes you through the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


    The Little Rock River Trail Trail in Little Rock, AR is a 6-mile, 1.5-mile section of trail that stretches from the Little Rock Botanical Garden to the Little Rocky Mountain National Park, and then back to the Big Pine State Park at the Little Pine Lakes.

    The trail is 3.6-mile-long.


    The Lake Michigan Trail in Flint, MI starts at the Golden Lake State Park in the Detroit metropolitan area, crosses to the lake in the Grand Rapids area, then returns to the city.

    The loop is 4.1-mile.9.

    The Michigan Water Trail in Grand Rapids, MI connects the lakes in Grand Haven, MI and the Flint area.

    It passes through the city and the Little River Gorge in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it ends at the Lansing River Gorge.


    The Golden Mile Trail in Canton, MI continues to the Grand Isle of Maine.

    This 1.8 mile (2 kilometers) trail is 2.2 miles (3.1 km) long and starts in Cantons northernmost city, Canton.11.

    The Great Lake Trail in Detroit, MI crosses the Grand River to the south and then heads to the Blackwater River in Grand Isle Harbor.

    The section is 1-mile round trip.12.

    The Detroit-Gulf Peninsula Trail in Plymouth, MI also known as the Detroit River Trail, is part a 1- to 2-mile stretch of trail.

    It begins in the town of Detroit, crosses the Detroit and the Gulf Peninsula to the Port of Detroit and then continues on to the Gulf.

    The length of the trip is 3 miles (4 kilometers).13.

    The East Lake Trail is a 4-mile trip that starts in the St. Clair County town of Plymouth and winds its way through the downtown area of the city, past the old Grand Rapids City Hall, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Ford Motor Museum, and the Detroit Art Museum.14.

    The Blue Lake Trail (


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