The backpack is called the MobiHiking backpack and is sold by Amazon, the company that owns The New York Times, as well as several other companies.

    It comes with a compass and hiking poles, a waterproof bag, an organizer, and a charger, all in the United States.

    The backpack’s $399 price tag is the most expensive hiking backpack on Amazon, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. 

    The MobiMags are one of Amazon’s new offerings, which are designed to work with smartphones and tablets.

    It also includes a smartphone-sized tablet for users to use their smartphone. 

    In the company’s blog post, Amazon says it hopes that people will consider buying the MBI hiking backpack to “help them experience their favorite outdoor experiences in a backpack without having to take on the full weight of carrying everything on their person.”

    “The MBI backpack is a great choice for families who want to enjoy the outdoors in style without the stress of carrying a full-size backpack,” Amazon says.

    “For those who prefer to carry their essentials and tools, we offer a variety of MBI packs.

    The MBI can be a great addition to any backpack, and is a terrific choice for anyone looking to make their outdoor experiences more fun and accessible.” 

    Amazon did not specify a price for the MbiHiking hiking backpack. 

    But in its blog post about the backpack, Amazon said that the MabiHiking was the “most innovative backpack” that it had ever made.

    Amazon says that the bag is designed to offer both “a comfortable, easy to carry backpack and a durable hiking pack that works for all day hikes.”