Hiking is a big part of the outdoors in Washington.

    So it’s a good time to check out what is and is not permitted in the state.

    The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced a new rules regarding hiking in the city and county.

    The new rules, effective May 1, are effective for any type of hiking, from hiking watches to trail running.

    Hiking on the trails, the agency says, is allowed if it is not harmful to the environment.

    For example, it is allowed to camp on a trail that passes through a protected wilderness area or a designated camping area, or if it does not impede the safe movement of persons and equipment.

    However, the DNR says, you cannot wear a backpack, hiking shoe, or trail running device in public areas unless it is a “bundle” that has a maximum weight of at least 10 pounds.

    The DNR does not require that hikers be equipped with a water bottle, a food bag, or a pack that holds a maximum of five pounds.

    In addition, no person, group, or vehicle may carry more than four pounds of food or water.

    The agency also says that you cannot “carry, store, or distribute food or drinks” on the trail.

    You also may not camp in a designated area, hike along or in a marked trail, or camp on any land without permission.

    If you’re camping on a designated trail, you must notify the DNF in advance.

    Hikers who want to camp can find more information about their rights and responsibilities at this link.

    The DNR also advises that hikers should use a trail map to ensure that they are following all trail signs and regulations.

    The state DNR has also released guidelines on where to go for hiking information.

    If the weather is good, it will be an ideal time to hike and it is usually a safe place to camp, it says.