Merrells hiking boots will soon be getting a brand-new look, thanks to the UK fashion brand’s new CEO.

    David Ritchie, who took over as the company’s CEO last month, said the new boots will look and feel more like “real boots” and that the brand’s customers will be able to see how much “real leather” they are wearing.

    Merrell’s brand was launched in the UK in 1998, with a focus on lightweight footwear.

    “We want to bring the best in leather to a wider audience,” Mr Ritchie said in a statement.

    “These boots are going to look amazing when they’re finished, they will be a real statement piece and they will make you feel like a true professional.”

    The brand, which has also recently become known for its high-end shoes, will debut the new Merrell Hiking Boots in stores and online in July.

    The brand has a strong history of making its products more luxurious than the competition.

    The UK-based brand was founded by David Rigg, who has previously been CEO of Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren USA.

    Mr Rigg said the brand was also looking to develop its “brand identity” in order to bring in “a much wider audience”.

    He added that Merrell had been working with the brand since the early days of the brand.

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that this brand is going to do really well,” Mr Higg said.

    “The customers will know how much real leather they are in their shoes.”

    The boots, which are expected to be available in August, will come in three different versions: a medium-weight model, a heavyweight model and a full-length model.

    “Merrell has always wanted to provide a shoe that is really comfortable and that is built for walking,” Mr Lydon said.

    The new Merrill boots will cost between £1,200 ($2,300) and £2,400 ($4,100) depending on the style.

    However, the brand has already secured the backing of the fashion industry to ensure that the boots look and function well.

    “It’s going to be a very exciting time,” Mr Lloyd, the former Merrell chief executive, told the Wall Street Journal.

    “I think we have the best people in the business who have really made a commitment to this project.”


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