You’ll find that you can carry more calories by hiking than walking if you follow the advice of the National Geographic Society.

    But you can also take the time to think about the time it will take you to get there. 

    “The more calories you burn, the longer you’ll stay out,” says Dr. David W. Bowers, a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

    A little less than 20 minutes of walking can result in a huge reduction in your caloric expenditure.

    For example, an average American could spend three and a half hours in the sun and still burn nearly 300 calories in the same time.

    That means the calories burned from walking will be almost twice as much.

    The problem is that hiking is a slower activity than walking, and therefore carries a higher risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

    So, the best thing to do when you’re out hiking is to take a shower or change into your hiking gear.

    You can also carry a snack or water bottle, but they are likely to be heavy and slow to pack.

    For those of you who don’t want to spend the time and money of packing and hiking, here are some tips to help you avoid the biggest downside: 1.

    Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t absorb the heat, like long pants or short shorts.


    Pack light.

    A backpack, for example, weighs less than a backpack, so it’s not necessary to pack it with more than 10 percent of its original weight.


    Avoid hiking in wet weather.


    Be sure to carry plenty of food, water, and snacks.


    Bring a water bottle or a snack pouch.


    Avoid getting into fights over where you can or cannot hike.


    Remember to bring a flashlight with you.


    Dress appropriately for the heat and cold.


    Wear protective gear, like a hat, sunscreen, and a scarf.


    If you have any health issues, take your hiking companion with you, and consider a health insurance policy.

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