Australian women are turning to hiking boots and hiking socks to keep them dry and cool during the cooler months.

    Photo: Getty Images Bear Mountain has a range of hiking boots for men and women, including its popular Bear Mountain Running Shoes and the Bear Mountain Alpine Running Shoes.

    The hiking socks also feature a breathable material and a rubber sole.

    The company also offers hiking socks for women that are made of 100 per cent wool, with the company’s name spelled backwards.

    The brand also offers a variety of hiking socks that have been designed with the latest technology to offer up a little extra warmth.

    Bear Mountain’s website says its range of waterproof hiking socks is made of polyester and polyester blends, and that its waterproof hiking boots are made from the same material.

    The footwear company has also been making a range that offers a range a range, including hiking socks with a rubber soles and a synthetic sole.

    Mr Wysocki said that while some women had found that the material of the hiking socks had a bit of an “ugly feel”, he was confident that it was the best option.

    “They’re not super breathable or stretchy, they’re not all stretchy and they’re actually really comfortable,” he said.

    “I’ve had people ask for them to be a little bit heavier, because I know there’s an awful lot of women out there who aren’t comfortable in these shoes.”

    Mr Wiesocki also recommended women get an insulated hiking sock for the winter months, which he said is a good idea because the warmth is better.

    “You don’t want your feet getting too warm or you’re getting cold, and so the insulation helps,” he told the ABC.

    “The warmth is the best, but it’s also very easy to break.”

    Mr Nusser said that for women the main thing was to find a pair that were comfortable for them, and he said that when choosing hiking socks, women should get a pair with a small enough toe for them.

    “If you’ve got a long toe, you don’t need to wear an extra long one,” he explained.

    “So a pair of socks that are just big enough for a long-footed guy can be good for women.”


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