The most expensive trekking to the highest peak in the world is one that’s been attempted only a handful of times. 

    The trekking route, dubbed the “Black-Footed Hike” by the media, takes in one of the world’s most beautiful mountains and a variety of stunning viewpoints. 

    But the route also has a high price tag. 

    It requires a raft of equipment to travel on, including trekking poles and ropes, and the trekking guides have to be trained and certified by the Sherpa Association of Nepal. 

    So, how much is the Black-FootEDH really worth? 

    The Black-footed Hiking Guidebook has a list of “recommended equipment”, but it’s not the best, most reliable list of gear you can find online. 

    The list is compiled by Sherpa trekking company NKT Nepal, which is the biggest operator of the Black footed route. 

    NKT Nepal is an affiliate of the Sherpas Association of Nepali Everest, which has the power to levy fines on those who don’t follow their rules. 

    In the past, Sherpas were fined up to US$5,000 ($8,000) for failing to follow a rule or even the guidebook’s directions. 

    A Sherpa has to complete the Black Footed Hikers Guidebook, and that’s how the cost comes into play. 

    If you buy the guide book on Amazon for $1.99, you’ll get $3.29 ($6.49). 

    You can then use the calculator on the NKT website to figure out how much it would cost to trek the Black to the summit, according to its website. 

    You could probably find a guidebook online for a few hundred dollars that has the same info. 

    But if you buy it at a retail store for $19.99 ($25.19), you’ll have to pay $10.10 ($18.18). 

    The price will depend on the size of the backpack you choose, and on what you’re willing to pay. 

    For instance, a pack for $100 will cost you $12.10 to hike the Black. 

    Another option is to buy a backpack with a guide on it. 

    So you could buy a pack with a Sherpa guide on one side, and a guide with a NKT guide on the other. 

    That way, the guide will be able to provide guidance and help you navigate the terrain, and you can keep track of your steps, according the guide. 

    Of course, the price will go up if you decide to take the Black, as it is a dangerous trek. 

    It’s recommended that you start the hike from the southern tip of the mountain and continue up through the snow, and there are several places you could end up frozen or trapped on the mountain. 

    There are also several steep cliffs you might be unable to climb because of the icy conditions. 

    All in all, it’s a pretty good hike, and if you have money you want to spend, it might be worth it.


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