Phoenix, Ariz.

    — A few months ago, when I was hiking around Phoenix, Arizona, I found myself wondering how I had been hiking without a pair of hiking poles.

    It turns out, it wasn’t easy.

    The answer was simple.

    You can hike anywhere in the world.

    I did it for several months before I finally bought a pair. 

    The problem was, I didn’t realize how much hiking I could do without them. 

    I’m not talking about a couple of hundred miles of hiking, but a couple hundred miles or more. 

    If you don’t know what a hiking pole is, here are a few facts to know:A hiking pole can hold two different types of poles.

    A hiking pole that has two poles can hold up to two different hiking poles that have one pole.

    It’s not clear if hiking poles are made of metal or plastic.

    A hikingpole is made of the same materials as hiking poles but has a unique feature.

    When a hikingpole goes in the ground, the metal frame is pulled out, allowing the poles to be placed on the ground. 

    Hiking poles are also sometimes used to hold up a ladder. 

    A hiking tool that has a rope attached to it has a single pole attached to the end. 

    You can hike poles with any type of gear, but most people don’t realize that they can also carry hiking tools.

    A rope that you use to tie a hiking tool on a hiking stick is called a rope tying device.

    A rope tying kit comes with a rope. 

    For a few bucks, you can get a cheap hiking pole, a rope and a rope ties kit. 

    To make it easier to understand, here’s what you need to know about hiking poles: A pair of trekking poles is a pair that has four poles attached to one another. 

    Two hiking poles is equivalent to a single hiking pole. 

    Some hiking poles have two poles that connect to each other. 

    When you walk a few hundred feet, you’ll start to feel your legs and hips getting stronger. 

    As you get older, you might start to notice your knees getting stiffer. 

    It’s normal for your knees to start to sag as you get into old age. 

    Your feet will be bigger and you might have to wear shoes for some periods. 

    But, if you have a pair with hiking poles, you don