Idaho residents are in the midst of a winter storm that has made it hard for them to get to work.

    The storm has hit hard in some areas, but the Idaho State Parks Service says it’s a manageable situation.

    “We’re having to use a little bit of ingenuity in our preparation and our preparation for people to come and get out of the way and get around,” said Jennifer Stryker with the Idaho Parks Service.

    Stryker says people can walk around in the snow and get away if they are prepared.

    She says people are able to walk around a little better with their shoes, and she also recommends using a hiking harness to get people on the trail safely.

    “A lot of people have to be very careful with the harness, and that is the thing that we do,” Strykers said.

    “We put a lot of thought into how we can get people in the right position, and I think it’s helped us.”

    The weather has turned some roads into a maze.

    Traffic is getting stuck in snow and ice.

    Trail and trail access has been severely limited.

    The state says it is working with its partners to get everyone to the trail and trailhead as soon as possible.

    “They’ve put out a call for volunteers,” Strayer said.

    They are looking for people who can make it out to the trails, and some people have already done that.

    “It’s been very, very challenging,” said Jason Stryk, a resident of the Red Lake area.

    Strayer says the storm has been very stressful for his family.

    “I mean, it’s really a really difficult time to be out here in the wintertime,” he said.

    Stroyer says he has a 3-year-old daughter who lives with his mother.

    He says he and his family were lucky to be able to leave his mother behind.

    “So if we’re going to be in the area for a long time, I don’t think that we need to worry about how to get through this storm,” he explained.

    Starryker says he would advise everyone to get prepared and to have the basics prepared for the storm.


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