I was on the hunt for a hiking boot for my daughter, and this is what I came up with.

    This is the brand I used, and what it does.

    The price: $65 for a pair.

    The review: It’s definitely an improvement over the older boots I bought, and it feels a bit lighter in the hand.

    The material is softer, but it’s still not as durable as my old pair of boots.

    But I can see why some people prefer the older version, which has a more sturdy leather upper and better padding.

    It’s not as light as the older pair, but I also like the fit, and I think this will hold up for her.

    My daughter is about 6 feet tall and is not much taller than my wife.

    She loves hiking, and these hiking boots are ideal for her size.

    If you want to hike with a girl, this is definitely the one for you.