A few weeks ago I was on a hike in Arkansas with my family.

    The trail was quite rugged, and we came across an unusual sign.

    It said: “Welcome to the new trail!”

    And then there were these little little lines.

    They said: Trail to hike, trail to climb.

    The lines were made of two different colored strips of wood.

    I thought: Why is this sign in the middle of a forest?

    Is it supposed to say something about the forest?

    The only thing I could think of was that it was made for climbing.

    So I climbed.

    And as I was climbing, I noticed that the wood had become a little bit flabby and wrinkled.

    The wood looked like it had been dropped by a car or something.

    I felt like I was going to collapse.

    I tried to pull it back up, but it wouldn’t budge.

    So, I got back down and got a couple more steps on it and it fell.

    Then I thought, Well, that looks like a lot of trouble to get up a tree.

    But I did.

    I think I did a lot better than I thought.

    But the only thing that was bothering me was the fact that the trees that were on the other side of the trail were not tall enough to support my weight.

    So it was like I could not walk along the path.

    But that’s where the hiking crampon comes in.

    This is the type of thing that can help you walk up the trail without falling down.

    So when you get out there and you start to climb, and you see the cramponies of the forest, you can start to think, Well how can I climb them, and then you can get a little foothold.

    I was surprised that it worked.

    And then I looked around and realized that it had also helped me on my hiking cramps.

    It was really fun to climb up these hills.

    The crampony trees were quite big, so I could stand up on them and climb them.

    Then it was time to get out.

    I took off my hiking shoes and gloves, because hiking in Arkansas is a very physical activity.

    I just took off everything except for my cramponing boots, which I still have in my bag.

    I don’t want to get them wet.

    I put them on my back and then took off all my clothing.

    Then, of course, I started climbing up the hill.

    As I was getting to the top, I realized that the cramps were really getting in the way of me climbing up.

    And I was like, Well I guess I’ve been climbing this hill too long, and now I’m going to have to take a break and get up to my knees.

    So for a while, I sat down and just watched the cramping and cramponed the crumpony trees.

    But then I realized I needed to move.

    So at that point I took a step back.

    I had to move quickly.

    I didn’t want the crutches to tear my shoes.

    I couldnt get to my feet fast enough.

    So one of the things I did was, I just ran across the trail, and I ran down a little slope.

    I ran across a couple of trees, and it was about eight feet above the ground.

    And it was a steep, rugged slope.

    And one of those trees was just on the top of a hill.

    So in the next moment, I was able to run across the ridge.

    And at that moment, there was a little piece of dirt on the ground, right in front of me.

    I turned around and looked at the top.

    And there it was, right there in front.

    It looked like I had run across a creek or something, and was just sitting there.

    So that was the first time I ever ran across something like that.

    And that’s when I realized how much better my cramping would be if I just climbed up the mountain.

    So now, my cramps are totally gone, and my hiking in the mountains is better than it ever was before.

    That was the best part about it.

    The first time you climb up a mountain and it cramps, it’s not because you forgot where you left your shoes.

    You forgot where to put them.

    You didn’t know how to get off the ground fast enough to get away from the crags and stuff.

    So the first thing you do is, you go back down.

    That’s the best way to go back up a steep hill, even if you’re only a few hundred feet up.

    The second thing is, I’ll just put my crutched shoes on.

    And the third thing is that I’ll take off my crutch.

    I can walk a bit faster.

    And when you’re back down, you don’t have to worry about cramps again.

    So once I got my crumpons back on, I felt much better.


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