Hiking in Michigan is getting easier as more people get used to the weather.

    That means more places to go, and the places people choose to go are getting more crowded.

    It’s no longer enough to walk to the park and hike in a spot.

    You also need to find a spot to eat.

    That’s where the new app, called Hiking Michigan, comes in.

    “This app is designed to provide you with all the data you need to make a decision on where to hike,” said HikingMichigan.com.

    “You can track your miles, trail speed, elevation gain and how far you’ve walked.”

    The app is a good way to get a sense of where you’re at, but the data it collects is valuable as well.

    It helps map the state’s top hikes, where the best places to hike are.

    “Hiking Michigan is the ultimate way to find out where to go in Michigan,” said Lauren Schreiber, CEO of HikingMichigan.com, a marketing company that helps people find out which spots are best.

    It even provides maps for the state.

    “The data we get is not just from hiking, it’s data about everything else that’s happening around you, everything you eat, everything that’s going on around you,” Schreib said.

    It also helps you get directions for where you can hike, which is vital if you want to get to a place without going far.

    “I think that’s a great way to use your hiking to understand where you are,” Schriber said.

    There are more than 200 hiking trails in Michigan.

    The apps help users find places where they can hike by going to Hiking Michigan’s website and then selecting a hike.

    The data collected from HikingMich.com is useful, but it’s also valuable to the people who use it, Schribs said.

    “You know, I think there’s a big part of the population who are very active outdoors.

    They’re in the woods, they’re in mountain ranges, they like to hike.

    And that’s where we get the most value.

    We get the data that gives us that,” she said.

    Hiking Mich.

    is available for iPhone and Android.