The best hikes in the UK and Ireland are listed in our top 10.

    Find out which is best for you.


    Cairn Head (Wylfaire Head) Cairns Head is the highest point in Ireland and Scotland.

    The best hiking route in Ireland is to take the O’Boyle Trail to O’Brien’s Head, a popular hiking spot in the area.


    Mascots (St Andrews) The Mascot Hike in Scotland is one of the longest hikes in Scotland, covering a distance of 6,000m (17,000ft).


    St Andrew’s Cairntry Hike (Bath) The St Andrews Cairndry Hiking is a very popular hike, which takes the entire length of the Cairnnhry Cairngorms in Scotland.


    D’Aberdere Cairnmere Hike(Hills of Cairnan) The D’Albion Hiking in D’Ardere, Co Donegal is the largest hike in Ireland.


    Stradlin’s Crossing HikeIn Stradlans Crossing in Co Doneal, the hike takes you through the village of D’Urby, and into the beautiful landscape of Strannacnachan, Co Meath.


    The Cairne Hiking(Feeblemore) The Cavan Hiking and the Cavan Castle are two of the most popular hiking routes in the country, covering 5,000-6,000 meters (16,000 to 19,000 ft).


    The Sarnore Hikein D’Artagnan, the Hiking at the end of the Strand in Darnan, Northern Ireland, is a great hiking route.


    Airdrie Hike In the County of Leitrim, the Cailleach Hike is a fantastic hike that covers an impressive distance of 2,400 meters (6,200ft).


    Derry Cairll Hike The Cailll Hiking runs along the banks of the River Cail, and takes you along the beautiful Strand of Derry, one of Ireland’s most picturesque landscapes.


    The Mount Pleasant HikeThe Mount Pleasant hike is a popular hike in the Co Donellshire and County of Armagh, covering an impressive 7,000 meter (21,200 ft) of the rocky mountain range.


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