I’m on my first trip to the Great Fall Trail.

    I don’t want to scare anyone away, but I’m going with the flow.

    It’s a perfect opportunity for my daughters to take off their hiking boots and join me on this long, cold hike through the most beautiful of wild places.

    The hike, which is part of the Great Lakes National Scenic Byway, is the first of many that are planned for this summer, which will stretch across the Great lakes, and into northern New York state.

    The route will be one of the longest ever done, with a length of 9,857 miles.

    This is an image of the first 10 miles of the hike through Great Falls, New York, which starts at the edge of the Niagara Falls and ends in a section of the Little Falls Gorge.

    This picture is from a Google map showing the route.

    The hike takes us through beautiful waterfalls, rolling meadows, rolling hills, and rolling fields.

    We are crossing a gorge with some of the best views in the state.

    The Great Falls Gorge is known for its spectacular views of Niagara Falls.

    The gorge is one of several in the Great Basin that have been used to highlight the Great Niagara Escarpment, which stretches over the area around Niagara Falls, and to the north, the Grand Canyon.

    In this image from Google Maps, the Great Rapids are highlighted on the map.

    The views along the route are breathtaking.

    We are hiking along the trail from the bottom of the falls, to the upper reaches of the gorge, then up to the top of the waterfall.

    At the top, we can see the Grand Rapids in the distance.

    The trail passes through a number of wild landscapes and a number different types of waterfalls.

    During the day, we are enjoying the cool, crisp air of summer as we pass through the falls.

    At night, the falls are shrouded in darkness.

    There are two trails to follow.

    As we follow the two trailheads, the trail is not very well marked, so we will have to go back and forth.

    A section of trail is marked by a large sign for the Big River Trail.

    We will be hiking this trail at a moderate pace.

    Our destination is the bottom-left corner of the map, and we are about to cross a small stream.

    Here is the section of Big River trail where we will be crossing the Big Falls.

    After crossing the big falls, we will continue up a steep section of Little Falls. 

    The Little Falls waterfall is one the most spectacular in the area.

    After we cross the Little falls, the water will turn blue.

    Once we get into the Little waterfall, the flow will be very shallow.

    When we are done, the area is very cold.

     The water in the Little Rapids is not nearly as cold as it was during the fall of 2013.

    My daughters, and I will be taking a break for lunch at the top.

    These are some of my favorite pictures taken during the hike.

    The hike is one that is absolutely beautiful.

    They are all shots taken from the top and we will all be sharing some of our favorite shots with you in the coming days.