A new video shows a couple in Washington DC building a home from scratch using a roof mounted roof mount.

    The couple, who did not want to be identified, are building the home with a solar roof mount system.

    Their goal is to provide homeowners with affordable solar roof mounts, but it’s not without a few challenges.

    They’re building a two bedroom, two bath house with an 8,000-square-foot solar roof and solar panels installed on the roof itself.

    “There’s not a lot of room,” they said.

    “We’re not even sure we can get that down to a usable size.”

    The house is only available for purchase through the Washington State Department of Housing and Community Development.

    The homeowners can choose to have the roof mounted on a custom roof and install solar panels themselves, or they can use a roof crane.

    The solar panel installation is more complicated than the DIY approach.

    “They have to take out a whole bunch of things, but we have to get the roof crane down and we have a roof to work with,” said Josh Gresham, who is the director of the building and landscape department at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

    The roof crane is actually a crane that can lift the roof.

    They had to cut the crane, put a new one in place, and then install the roof mount on the crane.

    Greslam says the installation process took about three hours.

    The house has a lot more storage space than a typical two-bedroom, which makes it an ideal solution for the homeless population in the region.

    The homeowner says the solar roof mounted system can be a very cost effective way to provide affordable housing for people who are struggling to afford a house.

    “It’s a way of making sure that you’re not just subsidizing one type of housing that doesn’t work for everybody,” said Gresam.

    “If you want to get affordable housing, it’s like getting a house that doesn.

    You have to make a choice between the cost of that house and your ability to afford that house.”

    The couple is planning to expand their solar roof system to include a second home in the future.