The Vancouver Trail Association has announced it will open a new trailhead at the North Vancouver Trail in an effort to attract more visitors to the region’s famous hiking trails.

    Vancouver Trail Association president and CEO Michael Azzariti said Wednesday that the new trail will be open for public use for two weeks, from April 23 to May 1.

    “There are many people out there who are looking for hiking trails and the North West Trail is an important link in our North American heritage and heritage as well as a great resource for people in the North,” Azzeriti said.

    The trailhead will be located on the northern end of the North River, just a few kilometres from the North Shore, where the trailhead is currently located.

    “It will be a beautiful open space to walk along,” Aizzariti added.

    “We’ve heard from a lot of people that they’re just really looking for a trailhead that’s convenient and a place that they can find something to do.”

    The North West trail, which dates back to 1867, is a popular trail that runs along the North Coast.

    It’s about 10 kilometres north of Vancouver, with about two kilometres of hiking on either side.

    There are about 20 kilometres of the trail in the north, with the most popular trail located at the north end.

    Azzerii said he believes the trail is a great place for people to start hiking, but also for people who have a different type of fitness.

    “This is a place where you can just walk the trail and go off the beaten path,” he said.

    “But then you can still get a great workout out there.

    We’re going to give that a go.”

    Azzaritis said the new hike will be for adults and children.

    He said there will be opportunities for children to play and explore.

    There will be plenty of parking at the new North Vancouver trailhead, which will be staffed by volunteers.

    The park has recently announced it is hiring a new staff member to help maintain the trail.

    Vegas Parks and Recreation, the agency that manages the North Western Trail, said it is encouraging people to come to the new trails to learn more about them and to see what they are like.

    “The North Vancouver trails are a great way to get to know our city,” Parks and Rec spokesperson Liz Harkins said in an email.

    “If you are interested in a trail experience, we have many opportunities for you to explore these trails.”

    A report on the North American Trail Association’s website outlines the benefits of the trails.

    According to the association, it provides people with access to nature’s wonderlands, provides the “fertile ground for the natural flow of people, animals and ideas, and provides the most accessible public trails in North America.”

    A number of national organizations and organizations have been involved in promoting the trails in recent years.

    The National Park Service has been working on developing a trail system for the North America Trail since 2007, and the National Park Foundation has been funding the North Canadian Trails Network since 2009.

    A report released by the U.S. National Park System in March said the North-American Trail Network has been a success for recreation and recreation infrastructure.

    “We know that trails, like water, are a vital element of a healthy and active society and that our trails are the place where outdoor recreation thrives,” the report read.

    “The North-Western Trail is a vital component of our national trail network.”

    Vancouver is home to about 2.6 million people, according to the U:Associated Press.