In the past three years, the Colorado Springs area has seen the return of the Rocky Mountain High. 

    The high is the tallest mountain in the US, and it is famous for its steepness and rugged beauty. 

    The trail was closed off for construction in the mid 2000s, due to construction and other threats. 

    Then in January 2018, a group of hikers decided to take the plunge and set off on the trail. 

    On Friday, the group decided to go hiking. 

    “We came back to the hotel to check on the hotel and they told us it was closed,” Jason Johnson, who was part of the group, told ABC News. 

    He was surprised when the hotel staff told him that it had reopened. 

    It was closed for two weeks, but the group eventually made it to the trailhead on Sunday. 

    They had been to see the old trail and they saw the remnants of the trail that was closed. 

    Johnson and other hikers decided the best place to go was the Colorado River. 

     “The trail is a little muddy and it was a little rough on the way up, but we didn’t really feel like getting up on the river and trying to get our bearings,” Johnson said. 

    After hiking for two days, the hikers decided they wanted to hike back up. 

    Their plan was to hike from the trail head at 10:30 a.m. 

    (8:30 p.m., if you’re a little late). 

    After walking for a bit, they decided to call it a day. 

    That’s when Johnson and his friends decided to stay on the Colorado Trail. 

    This was the second time they had walked up the Colorado. 

    Last year, the team stayed on the same trail, so they were prepared. 

    When they were finally up the trail, they had to be on their toes. 

    In their journal entries, the crew said they wanted a fresh start. 

    “[The trail] was very rocky and it looked like the trail was getting rougher and rougier by the day,” Johnson wrote. 

    But after walking a bit more, the hiking was good and the trails were clear. 

    [A guide] gave us a map and told us to stay in the valley and the river, we just had to keep going,” Johnson continued. 

    There were a few steep climbs, but nothing too bad. 

    Just as the group was about to walk back down the trail after a bit of hiking, the guides saw the group. 

    And it was there, right in front of them. 

    A group of seven hikers, wearing white, stopped and took pictures with them.”

    It was kind of cool,” Johnson told ABC news. 

    Another group of four hikers took a photo with the group that was hiking down the Colorado, with a group with red shirts in the background. 

    More hikers were in the area at the time. 

    All of the hikers are hoping that one day they can walk back up to the old trails. 

    Some of the photos were of the original group, with Johnson’s journal entry at the top. 

    Other photos showed other people walking the trail in the past. 

    What are your memories of the Colorado trail?

    Let us know in the comments. 

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