The trails that Oregon has promised to open up for people with disabilities are getting ready to open their doors.

    Oregon’s first hike-in-the-woods hike, set to open in 2018, will feature trails from Hoka Hoka, which specializes in hiking in the forests of Oregon.

    Hoka’s hike is the first in the state, which has about 15 miles of trails.

    Hikers who need a little help to get from one trail to another can take a hike with Hoka in Poconos, where a trail has already opened.

    The trail in Pico Canyon is just north of Hoka and includes a loop of trails that have been closed in the past, but the trails will be open, according to the Hoka website.

    Hikeers can hike to the trailhead in Paco and the hike to a waterfall will be $8.

    Hike the HOKA HIKER program, which is available at

    Hikers can also rent bikes and bikes can be rented on the trail.

    The trails that will be accessible to the public will include Hoka trails in the Pico, Pueblo, Pinedale, Pohono, and Yolo counties, Hoka said.

    “Hiking the trails in Pisco Canyon, Pocono, and Pohoono will be easy, safe, and fun.

    Hiking the Hokas trails in Yolo, Pisco, and Hoka counties will be different than what you see on the TV,” Hoka wrote on its website.

    “It’s an awesome opportunity to walk the trails on your own in the beautiful woods, hike the trails at your own pace, and enjoy the view.

    You’ll get to hike trails in a beautiful setting that will feel like home.

    And, of course, you’ll be getting to experience the beautiful POCO, POCONO, and OREGO forests.”

    Hoka has been a trailblazer for Oregon, offering hikes for more than 20 years and having access to thousands of trails and streams.

    The company has more than 5,000 employees, and more than $5 billion in annual revenue.

    This story has been updated to include additional details.