Teva is releasing a pair of hiking sandal shoes this week.

    They’ll be available for pre-order starting at $250 USD and $400 USD.

    Teva says the hiking sandaling shoe “is designed to keep you comfortable on long-distance hikes, while giving you a natural fit while enhancing your walking style.”

    The shoes feature the brand’s iconic black and red soles, with a matte finish that gives them a rustic look.

    The sandals will be available in a range of colors, from black, blue, white, and red.

    The company says the new hiking sandaled shoes will “provide a natural feel and a casual look that are perfect for any season.”

    The Teva shoes will come in two colorways.

    The white sandaled shoe will be the same as the hiking boots.

    The black sandaled is a slightly darker shade of black.

    The red sandaled will be a slightly more muted shade of red.