Hiking shoes are so popular these days, that they’re becoming an industry unto themselves.

    The footwear giant H&M has announced it’s introducing a new line of hiking shoes featuring the hiking logo.

    The new line will feature “the world’s first and only hiking boots with the world’s largest design.”

    This is a step toward bringing back the hiking boot trend to the footwear market, where hiking footwear was previously only available through select retailers.

    But in some ways, the announcement feels more of a throwback than a comeback.

    H&Ms brand was one of the first to introduce hiking shoes, and it still remains one of its biggest sellers.

    “Hiking boots are a trend that has been around for a long time, and our first product, the H&MDH H5, launched in the late 1980s,” H&m says in a statement.

    “With that, we’ve seen a lot of innovation in footwear over the years, and the latest and greatest is our H&S H4.

    These shoes are a celebration of what it means to be a hiker, and a celebration for us to be able to bring this to the masses.”

    The H&MS H4 hiking shoe comes in two versions: the regular version and the “super-stretch” version.

    The regular version features a lightweight sole that allows for more ankle and heel contact, and can be worn with all-day hiking or trail running.

    The super stretch model features a super soft sole that’s more durable, and allows for greater ankle and calf movement.

    Hikes with the super stretch style are typically designed for a more athletic lifestyle, but the H4s are designed specifically for people who want a minimalist look.

    While the hiking shoes are designed for hikers with longer legs, they’re still suitable for anyone who wants to add a bit of extra support and support without sacrificing comfort.

    The hiking shoes will go on sale at the end of April.

    For now, you can pre-order your own pair for $180 at H&M’s online store.

    The H5 hiking shoe will launch in spring 2017, and will be available in three colors: black, white, and grey.

    Hike boots are not the only footwear companies looking to get back to the trail.

    Nike, one of H&ms biggest fans, is also making a return to hiking.

    The company announced in April that it will launch its first hiking boots in 2020.

    The shoes will be made from leather and will feature the hiking design, according to Nike.

    Nike’s new hiking shoes also come with a variety of accessories.

    The most important part is that the shoes will come with two-year limited warranty, which gives you peace of mind that your H&MW H4 or H&MC H5 will be of the highest quality.

    Nike also plans to launch a new hiking shoe line with the new hiking logo, called the “Nike H4.”