In the past, hiking was an activity I enjoyed on a regular basis.

    After all, it was fun to hike in the mountains.

    I love hiking, and it was something I could enjoy as a kid.

    In recent years though, hiking has become less of a regular thing, and more of a chore.

    In the last couple years, hiking trips have become far less frequent.

    I can’t imagine the number of hikes I’ve taken in the last five years, let alone the number I’ve completed.

    As the name implies, hiking is about getting up close and personal with nature, and that can be challenging.

    That’s why I hate the fact that hiking in my backyard can sometimes be more challenging than I can imagine. 

    Hiking in Arizona is a great way to go, but it can be an even better way to spend your time. 

    Before I get to why hiking in the backyard is so challenging, let me talk about the reasons why I love it.

    It’s easy to get lost when you are on the trail.

    There is no signage, no guide, no signposts.

    There are no campsites.

    There’s no one there to help you.

    You’re free to wander aimlessly, with no idea what direction you are in or where you are. 

    That’s not to say hiking in your backyard is easy, though.

    You will inevitably get lost, and you may end up in a trail where you never knew existed.

    There will be animals you can’t see, trees you can see through, and cliffs you will never climb out of.

    That is where the beauty of hiking in an open area comes in. 

    When you hike in your yard, you can look out and see things you couldn’t even see from the trail you were on.

    That makes hiking in a backyard an incredibly unique experience.

    You can see the mountains, you see the wildflowers, and in many cases you can even see the wildlife. 

    You can also take photos of the beautiful plants, birds, and animals.

    You are free to take as many pictures as you like. 

    Even if you aren’t planning on hiking out of the backyard, hiking in that area can be great fun.

    You have a good view of the mountains and you can enjoy the views. 

    This is one of the reasons hiking in public can be so great.

    When you’re out on a hike, you are free from the distractions of your home.

    That can be really helpful, as you can focus on the hiking and not worry about whether your cell phone is ringing or your phone is on a charger. 

    There are other things to do, too.

    For instance, there is no shortage of restaurants and cafes around the neighborhood.

    If you need a quick bite to eat, you won’t have to wait for the sun to come up. 

    Another great thing to do is go out on the trails.

    Hiking in the yard isn’t as enjoyable as hiking in some places, but there are plenty of places to hike.

    There aren’t as many trails as there are trails in cities, but you can get the same amount of mileage.

    You won’t be going up and down mountains, but trails can be a great place to start a hike. 

    The only thing that I hate more than hiking in front of a restaurant is sitting at home waiting for it to open up.

    That isn’t the case in Arizona. 

    With the exception of my backyard, the restaurants in the Phoenix area are all open.

    It can be hard to find food in Phoenix, but the restaurant scene is a vibrant one.

    It is a huge community, and many restaurants offer a great menu.

    You also have the option to get your food from local farmers markets, where you can pick up a healthy meal for a few dollars. 

    On the other hand, the most expensive part of hiking is the parking lot.

    There isn’t much to do in Phoenix after dark, so there is often a lot of traffic.

    The city has an extensive parking system, but they often leave the lot empty after the sun has gone down. 

    I have to admit that I had a lot more fun hiking in Tucson than I did in Phoenix.

    In fact, I had more fun walking on the streets than I had hiking in back yards. 

    Tucson is home to one of Arizona’s most iconic trails, the Phoenix Trail.

    It runs from north of downtown Phoenix through the valley, through the city and into the mountains below. 

    Most people would consider hiking in Phoenix to be the best way to explore the Phoenix Valley.

    But hiking in any area is only as good as the weather.

    The best way for hiking in New Mexico is to head to New Mexico State Park, but for a more interesting experience, check out the Hiker Experience in New England. 

    After spending a few days hiking in different parts of New England, I realized that hiking is definitely not the only way to experience the beautiful outdoors in New Hampshire.

    There have been many