A Montana Native has returned from his winter in the mountains with an inspiring story of perseverance, love and perseverance.

    Shane Oakes has spent his life hiking and camping in the southern U.S. He’s a former ski instructor and now a winter trekker.

    The 25-year-old says he’s been lucky to have a supportive family and friends.

    He says his parents and brother helped him along the way, even when he was in the midst of serious depression.

    He’s been living on a snow-covered hillside in the Colorado foothills since December, when he arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    It was his third winter in North America.

    He tells The Hill he’s now in the “season of recovery.”

    Oakes says he and his family are living off a small income from selling a few camping supplies and camping gear at a local thrift store.

    He now has $2,600 in his savings account, including the money he made from selling camping supplies at the thrift.

    He has plans to go on a winter expedition to Mount Rainier in Washington state in the spring.

    Oakes has been skiing since he was 6.

    He says his early skiing experiences were “one of the things that made me feel like I’m on a real path to a better life.”

    Oaks says he was also a huge fan of rock climbing.

    He started skiing when he could get a few days off of his parents.

    He was the first person to ski in the foothills and eventually became an elite snowboarder and snowboard coach.

    He now runs a snowboard business called Ski Adventures.

    He also loved camping and snowshoeing, as well as fishing.

    He tells The News Tribune that he’s enjoyed every day of the winter season he’s spent.

    “I’ve enjoyed every year I’ve been here.

    It’s been a lot of fun.

    It has been fun, but I’ve also gotten a lot out of it,” he says.